BDN Western Regional Conference Agenda

Last updated: March 29, 2024

All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

8:00am – 5:00pm 

Registration/Information Table

8:00am – 9:00am 


8:30am – 9:00am 

Opening Ceremony & Sponsor Remarks

9:15am – 10:25am

Black Women in the Academy: Advancement through Brilliance and Resilience

How Intersectionality of Gender and Race Forges Self-Sabotaging Behaviors in Female Black Higher Education Chief Executives

Social and Emotional Intelligence: Exploring How Black Women Navigate Graduate School at Predominately White Institutions

Sophia's Song: Pilot Study Observation of Occupational Burnout in Black Women Educators.

9:15am – 10:25am

Conceptualizing Inequities that Contribute to Health Disparities in the Black Community

Improving health equity: The important role of school nurses

Effects of Intersectional Racial Discrimination on Oral Health Utilization Patterns among Black Residents in Baltimore

9:15am – 10:25am 

Prioritizing Mental Health and Wellness in the Black Community

The Fourth Trimester: Doula Intervention and Black Maternal Mental Health A Community-Based Study

Mental Health Practices for Blacks Post COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Black Women Navigating Mental Health and Survival in Higher Education

9:15am – 10:25am 

Social Justice: An Evaluation of Policies, Practices, and Representation

Womb to Prison Pipeline: Using Data to Change Policy & Practice

Protecting our Energy Project: Building and Mobilizing the Next Generation of Black and Brown Energy Justice Activists in Atlanta

The Variation of Blackness, Exploring the Hidden Nuances of Black, Qaure, Afro-Caribbean, doctoral student in higher education (U.S.)

9:15am – 10:25am

Transformative Leadership through Community Engagement

A Discussion on How African American Literature is Transforming the Community

Polity, Politics, & The Pastor: Prophetic Work of Succession Planning in the Black Baptist Church

Empowering Cybersecurity Leadership: The Role of Black Churches in Cultivating Diverse Talent Impacting Biotechnology Defenses

10:40am – 11:50am

A Different Lens: Reimagining the Black Female Experience

Changing The Narrative Exploring Post-Traumatic Growth in African American Women Who Identify as Transformational Leaders After Experiencing the Foster Care System

A Phenomenological Study Exploring the Lived Experiences of Women Leaders in Information Technology in Nairobi, Kenya

10:40am – 11:50am

Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul: Improving Health & Wellness

Evaluating Partnership Process in a Refugee and Immigrant Oral Health Community Advisory Board

The Effects of a Modified Otago Exercise Program on a 79-year-old Female At Risk for Falls

Advancing Gender Equality in Aneurysm Diagnosis and Care

10:40am – 11:50am

Exploring Solutions to Address Issues with Workplace Climate

At the Table, On the Menu, and Under the Bus: Are Black Local Health Department Employees Psychologically Safe?

Perceptions of Governance Boards on the Adoption of Succession Plans for Minorities at Predominantly White Institutions

10:40am – 11:50am

Marketing Outcomes and Organizational Planning

Brand Wonder

Particleboard Development and Performance Using Various Adhesives Derived from the Food and Agriculture Industry: A Review

10:40am – 11:50am

Challenges in Teaching and Curriculum Development

Old Dogs, New Tongues: The Problem with Language in the Classroom

The Impact of American K-12 Education policy and practices and its impact on Black Women Teacher's Mental Health and Wellbeing

11:50pm – 1:00pm 

Networking Lunch & Keynote Presentation

1:10pm – 1:50pm 

Research Poster Session & Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

2:05pm – 3:05pm 

Workshop Presentations

The Baby Eats FIRST

The Ps of Writing Success: A New Approach for Successfully Completing Your Dissertation

A New Academics Guide to Designing Effective College Courses for Diverse Learners

Eliminating poverty through education, the transformative power of short-term credentials on marginalized communities.

360°: A Network Approach to Applied Sociology and Community Empowerment

3:20pm – 4:20pm 

Workshop Presentations

Building Sustainable Community Ecosystems: A Workshop on University and Non-Profit Collaboration for Social Change in low- and moderate-income communities

Forging a path towards Reproductive Health Justice For All

Cultivating an Environment of Black J.O.Y. in Educational Settings

Revolutionizing Online Pedagogy: Empowering HBCU Faculty for Student Success in Digital Classrooms

4:30pm – 5:00pm 

Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation

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