BDN Western Regional Conference Agenda

8:30am – 9:30am            Welcome & Keynote by Daniel E. Walker, PhD

Dr. Daniel E. Walker is a critically-acclaimed scholar, an award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist, and a dynamic public speaker. Specializing in equity, social justice, and interracial coalition building, he offers soul-stirring keynotes and deeply impactful professional development seminars. Join him at the BDN Western Regional Virtual Conference!

9:40am – 10:55am          Individual Research Presentations (2 Breakouts)

Challenging Times in Academia: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Stressors on Student Performance and Teaching

Moderator: Dr. Annette Letcher

(1)   Teaching During Covid-19: The Lived Experiences of Title I Educators Transitioning from Face-To-Face Instruction To Remote Instruction
Dr. Nicole Boykins, Xavier University of Louisiana
(2)   Examination of Household Distractions and STEM Student Adaptation Decisions During COVID-19 Pandemic
Mercy Fash, North Carolina A&T State University
(3)   Sankofa - Learning from the Past to Re-Imagine the Future Together
Dr. Patricia Ngozi Williams, Tree of Life Child and Family Services

Differing Factors That Can Influence the Mental Health, Well-Being, and Sense of Belonging among Students in Higher Education

Moderator: Dr. Lynda Gibson

(1)   Graduate Students of Color at PWIs: School Belonging, Ethnic Identity and Mental Health
Dr. Claudia Calder, Albany State University
(2)   Cyberbullying in eSports: Perceptions of Diversity in Higher Education
Dr. Brian Gant, Maryville University
(3)   ‘Understanding the Assignment,’ A Framework for Student Leaders Prioritizing Their Own Mental Health and Wellness While Navigating Higher Education Systems during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Julius Moss, Seattle University

11:05am – 12:20pm       Individual Research Presentations (2 Breakouts)             

Innovative Research and Practices to Address Current Trends within Biology and Health-Related Sciences

Moderator: Dr. Nieta Scott-Dunmore

(1)   A Novel Interaction Between the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Shu Complex and the MCM Complex May Enable Bypass of DNA Damage During Replication
Adeola Fagunloye, University of Pittsburgh
(2)   The Future of Nursing Reimagined: Impact of Covid-19 on Nursing Education
Josephine Kamera, Middle Georgia State University

Using Advanced Leadership, Recruitment, and Hiring Practices to Increase the Retention and Advancement of Diverse Students and Staff in Higher Education

Moderator: Dr. Iris Joyner

(1)   “Hire” Education: Exploring the Role of Unconscious Bias and Search Committee Preparedness in the Recruitment and Selection of Diverse Faculty and Staff
Dr. Antoinette Boyd, Maryville University
(2)   A Collective Case Study of Land-Grant Leadership and Retention of Students with Learning Disabilities
Dr. LaRachelle Smith, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
(3)   First, We Bring You Down Mentally: Useful Communicative Patterns Needed to Advance Diverse Talent into Leadership Roles
Karis Wilson, The University of Oklahoma                                                                                                                     

12:20pm – 1:00pm          Mid-Day Break                                         

1:00pm – 2:00pm            Research Poster Presentations (2 Breakouts)

Room A

Moderator: Dr. Janie Robinson

(1)   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Quinton Randall, Talladega College
(2)   Written or Implied Grooming Standards: Influence on African American Women’s Organizational Commitment
Dr. Paula Nisbett, Grand Canyon University
(3)   Consequences of the Perceived Controllability of Social Class
Amish Patel, Sonoma State University

Room B

Moderator: Dr. Marshia Allen

(1)   Augmented Reality Used to Enhance the Importance of Campus History
Destiny Strum, Talladega College
(2)   Restoring the Florida Wetlands
Jalen Hill, Talladega College
(3)   Using Augmented Reality to Engage Student in the Classroom
Oronde Henderson, Talladega College

2:10pm – 2:55pm            Workshop Presentations (2 Breakouts) 

(1)   Black Male Trauma & Healing Across a Lifespan: From Infancy to Late Adulthood
Danica Nestor, LCSW, PhD, Howard University
(2)   Transforming Lives Through a Lens of Urban Leadership
Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, DTD's Urban Multisport Consulting Firm

3:05pm – 3:50pm            Workshop Presentations (2 Breakouts)

(1)   Landing Leadership and Enhancing Leadership Potential
Dr. Brandi Johnson, Rockdale County Public Schools
(2)   Case Study Analysis of Dorsey’s Leadership Model for Underrepresented Students
Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, DTD's Urban Multisport Consulting Firm

4:00pm – 4:45pm            Workshop Presentations (2 Breakouts)                

(1)   Equity at My Desk: Taking Equity from the 50,000-Foot Level to Boots on the Ground – The Journey from Presentation to Operationalization
Dr. Carlos Richard, Warner Pacific University
(2)   Never Dim Your Light: Aspirations to Inspire Your Shine   
Dr. Charlene Lewis, Knox County Schools                             

4:55pm – 5:55pm            Research Poster Presentations (2 Breakouts)

Room A

Moderator: Dr. Shimeka Bruton

(1)   Music Integration in High School English Classes in Relation to Teacher Self-Efficacy
Dr. Andrea Alston, Grand Canyon University
(2)   A Paradigm Shift: Reimagining Organization’s Stakeholder Groups Strategies to Advance Communicative Practices Concerning Organizational Partnerships
Karis Wilson, The University of Oklahoma

Room B

Moderator: Dr. Sheena Harvey

(1)   Black Students' Experiences at a Hispanic Serving Institution: Can we do better?
Cobey Davis, California State University, Monterey Bay
(2)   Applications of Biomechanical Analysis in Sport Medicine
David Jones, Talladega College

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